loveUK Brasil entrevista Andrew Johnston, Professor de LLM da University of Warwick

O loveUK vem trazendo várias informações sobre LLM no Reino Unido. Um programa de mestrado para advogados que buscam não apenas uma experiência internacional, mas excelência acadêmica e alta empregabilidade.

A University of Warwick, em Coventry, possui uma vasta oferta de cursos de LLM para quem busca se especializar. O departamento de pós-graduação em Direito da universidade possui uma metodologia que respeita as diferenças de contexto e impacto e, por conta do apoio à diversidade, possui uma abordagem contextualizada para valorizar a discussão sobre como o Direito afeta a sociedade para além dos tribunais.

Para apresentar um pouco o departamento de Mestrado em Direito da University of Warwick, conversamos com Andrew Johnston, acadêmico e professor do curso de International Economic Law.

loveUK Brasil: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Andrew Johnston: I’ve just joined the University of Warwick School of Law as Professor of Company Law and Corporate Governance. I was attracted by the excellent staff there, the international student body and the amazing campus. I’m really looking forward to working to develop the Law School’s international links.

loveUK Brasil: What got interested you in becoming an academic?

AJ: I practised law in a large commercial law firm and then with the UK Government. I wanted to learn more about the ‘big picture’ of how the different parts of the legal system fit together, how the law interacts with disciplines such as economics, and about the social impacts of the law. I began by teaching at the University of Warsaw in Poland, and then wrote a PhD at the European University Institute in Florence. I always really enjoyed the teaching side of the academic’s role; the research side of the job was much tougher at first. It is essential to write a PhD if you want to become an academic in the UK. PhD studies not only teach you how to research, they also show you how much you don’t know.

loveUK Brasil: What makes Warwick Law School’s LLM programmes stand out?

AJ: I was attracted to Warwick by the excellence of its academic staff. In my field of corporate and commercial law there are excellent scholars in company law, commercial law, tax, competition law, finance and banking, intellectual property, WTO and International Economic Law, and so on. That strength in depth feeds into our LLM programmes on International Commercial Law, International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, and International Economic Law.

Beyond my immediate area, Warwick has a long tradition of teaching and research in International Development Law and Human Rights. The academics here are also leaders in their field, and this LLM programme will enrich your study of development and human rights with a wide range of theoretical perspectives. We also offer a very flexible LLM in Advanced Legal Studies, which allows students to pick topics from across our full range of offerings, and this would, for example, allow students to combine the study of human rights or development with complementary topics from corporate and commercial law.

What all these programmes have in common is the Law in Context approach, which has been a hallmark of Warwick Law School’s approach since its foundation. We set law in its social, economic and political context, which brings it to life and allows us to analyse the assumptions underlying the

law. So, we help our students to develop the core legal skills of understanding and applying the law, whilst also encouraging them to critique the law and make suggestions as to how it might be improved. This provides the foundation on which they will write their dissertation during the final part of their year at Warwick. With our staff having such a range of expertise, and offering such a wide range of practical, theoretical and critical perspectives, it is easy for students to find a supervisor whose interests match theirs.

loveUK Brasil: Why should international students come to study in the UK?

AJ: Our student and staff bodies are very international, representing more than 60 countries. As a result, our postgraduate programmes take a very international approach. Our corporate and commercial law programmes draw on comparative, transnational and international law in order to help students understand the different ways in which business is facilitated and governed. Sometimes we focus on UK or EU rules and practices, whilst at other times we refer to global norms. The International Economic Law programme always adopts a focus on international and regional institutions, whilst the International Development Law and Human Rights programme teaches students a wide range of practical skills and theoretical perspectives across a range of internationally relevant topics.

All our master’s students are invited to the wide range of research events and conferences held in the law school, giving them the chance to listen to academics and practitioners from around the world presenting their perspectives.

Assista ao depoimento de uma estudante brasileira de LLM em Sussex

loveUK Brasil: What do graduates from Warwick’s LLM programmes do afterwards?

AJ: Our students go on to an extraordinary range of careers, from practising law in large or small firms, through working for international NGOs and organisations, to working for large companies and banks, and working as advocates, judges, abritrators, academics and even politicians. We are proud of our alumni and try to catch up with them when we visit their home countries. We are also happy when they join us at research events or even come to present their research or professional expertise.

loveUK Brasil: What makes a good professor?

AJ: Flexibility, flexibility and flexibility. The work demands we face are constantly changing, and so is the law. You have to be able to juggle a number of competing demands on your time.

loveUK Brasil: What are the best things about your job?

AJ: There is a great deal of freedom to pursue your interests. I research the areas which interest me the most, so that I am on top of current developments in law and economics. Recently I have looked into shareholder activism, company law and sustainability, and the historical evolution of takeovers and corporate governance in the UK. I try to engage with policy-makers to change the law to make the world a better place. I also really enjoy debate and discussion and am looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues better.

loveUK Brasil: Would you like to add anything?

AJ: I’d just like to say that I am looking forward to welcoming readers to the University of Warwick’s beautiful campus, and to teaching some of them about corporate governance in the not too distant future!

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