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One of loveUK's newest partners, University of Strathclyde has sought to expand its international student community – which currently comprises around 20,000 people from 130 countries -, with Brazil being one of its targets.

Recognized for excellent teaching and research, the university, located in Glasgow, Scotland, has strong connections to British industry, government and business, which contributes to creating great opportunities for its students.

Strathclyde ranks among the top 20 universities in the UK for intensive research and teaching at the Business School remains one of the top 10 in the land of the queen. In addition, seven of its engineering departments are in the top 10 for research.

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With so many excellence certifications, the institution launched a series of scholarships focused on its four departments, in search of students who stand out even more for the year 2019.

Check out the opportunities:

Elite Scholarships

Focused on the Science department, the scholarship varies for each type of course, namely:

– Undergraduate – International students with good grades in high school and who have achieved a good result on an official English test can apply for this scholarship, valued at £2,000 for each year of their chosen course. Application deadline: September 16, 2019.

– Postgraduate Taught – Students who have completed an undergraduate degree with high marks and who have performed well on an official English test are eligible to apply for aid from £2,500 to £4,000 – higher amounts will be given to those who apply by 1 April 2019. After this date, only amounts from £2,500 to £3,000 will be available.

– Postgraduate Research – University offers £3,000 a year in scholarship for full-time PhD courses.

Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship

As the name implies, the scholarship is aimed at engineering courses. For students on courses Undergraduate or Postgraduate Research, aid is up to £4,000 in the first year, with an additional £1,500 for each subsequent year. Now for courses Postgraduate Taught, the value is up to £3,000.

You must already have an offer from the university.

Photo: University of Strathclyde/Reproduction

Dean's Excellence Scholarship

Selected by the Dean of the Department himself, candidates for the Strathclyde full-time MBA will automatically be considered for the two scholarship slots worth £15,000 – there is no need to apply specifically for this benefit. Deadline to announce winners is July 31, 2019.

SBS Full-Time MBA Scholarships

Similar to the previous scholarship, the difference is that there are 15 places for scholarships of £8,000.

Dean's International Undergraduate Scholarship

New international students starting an undergraduate degree in department of Humanities and Social Sciences in September 2019 can apply for a scholarship worth £3,500 for each year of the course.

Dean's International Excellence Awards: Humanities and Social Sciences

Also aimed at the Humanities and Social Sciences department, international Masters students are eligible for a £4,000 scholarship to help with tuition fees.

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