University of Essex is a reference in Human Rights and Business studies

One hour from the center of London, England, is the University of Essex, recognized as one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world, where almost 15,000 students from 147 countries come together to expand their most varied knowledge.

Under the motto of being a university that is home to the “curious, brave and bold”, Essex encourages students to challenge normality and think differently. Two Nobel Prize winners have passed through the institution (economist Chris Pissarides and the former president of Costa Rica, Óscar Arias Sánchez), award-winning directors, presidents, renowned actors, astronauts and 75 thousand other alumni.

Essex architecture was designed to stand out. In the photo, the Southend campus attracts attention. Photo: Disclosure

Essex has been operating since 1964 and is ranked as the 22nd best university in the United Kingdom, according to the Times Good University Guide 2018 ranking, and 21st among the 200 best international universities in the world (Times Higher Education). Still in the rankings, the university has a gold category in teaching excellence (Teaching Experience Framework 2017) and is among the top 20 in the United Kingdom in research excellence, ranking fourth in the area of Social Sciences and first in policy research.

Essex has three teaching departments – Humanities, Social Sciences and Science and Health – and a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas such as politics, biological science, business, law, human rights, computer science, linguistics, among others. others. According to Keeley Alvarez, International Officer, the university's Human Rights Center is internationally recognized for its work related to the laws of armed conflict, civil and political rights, and economic, social and cultural rights, with a focus on the right to health. .

“I think the research our students and staff are doing speaks for itself in terms of how important the center is and how it influences every human rights goal, making a difference on an international, regional and national level,” explains Alvarez.

The lifestyle offered to students earned the university 15th place, for the fifth consecutive year, in the British Universities General Student Satisfaction Survey (NSS). Among the advantages promoted by Essex, it is possible to study languages for free through the Languages for All program and work in the area of your course, on campus, for a year.

The university has a Brazilian community that grows every year, with currently 100 undergraduate and master's degree students. According to Alvarez, the most popular department among them is Business, due to its wide range of courses and topics in this area. “One of the most popular courses among Brazilians are the Masters in International Management, Marketing & Brand Management and International Business & Entrepreneurship”.

Due to the arrival of so many Brazilians at university in recent years, Essex has a society focused on Portuguese speakers and a Capoeira society. “I always mention this to new Brazilian students, in case they are homesick and want to meet other people from Brazil on campus,” says the International Officer.

Applying to Essex

The university seeks international students who are passionate about gathering new knowledge and challenging themselves and social conventions. “If you are brave enough to come up with new ideas and generous enough to share them, you are welcome,” says Alvarez.

The institution provides guides on its website for writing a good personal statement and reference letter, in order to maximize the chances of submitting a strong application. “Always be honest and make sure to mention relevant and interesting extracurricular activities, as long as they are related to your course and help you stand out among other candidates.”

For Brazilian candidates, depending on the type of course, Essex requires a High School Certificate with a minimum grade of 6 or a bachelor's or bachelor's degree with a minimum grade of 7.5 (or B).

And let's talk about good things? The university provides a series of incredible scholarship opportunities for the year 2018/2019, some aimed exclusively at Brazilians.

Brazilian students from graduation or postgraduate studies can apply for a £3,000 grant. For Brazilians with grades from 8 to 10 (or from B+) in their master's degree, they can compete for a discount on registration fees of £3,000 with the Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship.

There is also the Santander scholarship, worth £5,000, aimed at Latin Americans enrolled in a master's degree. Also for Latin Americans, there is a scholarship of £5,000 for anyone specifically pursuing a master's degree in Translation Interpreting & Subtitling or Translation & Professional Practice.

As a partner of the University of Essex, the loveUK It provides free assistance to anyone interested in studying at this university. What's more: during this weekend (17th and 18th), we will represent Essex in EduExpos, a free international education fair and Friday (16), a representative of the institution will be available at the office of the loveUK in São Paulo for private meetings. To participate, simply fill out this form.


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