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United Kingdom

Busy and trendy cities or more traditional and remote, mountains and hills or islands and beaches… The UK offers opportunities for different profiles. With over 30 partner universities across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, your choice for Higher Education in the UK is here:


One of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians, Canada has several options in its vast territory. With a significant portion of the immigrant population, the country is ideal for those seeking an international experience and cultural exchange. We have partner universities in different provinces from British Columbia to Ontario:


A young, friendly and vibrant country: Australia is a great destination for Brazilians, with high levels of quality of life and universities with an internationally recognized standard of excellence. We have partner universities across the island, from Adelaide to Sydney:


American Higher Education is much sought after by Brazilians and presents a very detailed process. We will help you all the way, with options from universities from Florida to California, through Arizona and other cities, learn about opportunities to study in the United States here: