loveUK Footsteps: How to prepare for applying to university

At first part from the series LoveUK Footsteps we talked about the importance of knowing well the opportunities offered by universities and aligning them with your academic and professional goals, allowing you to make a more conscious choice of the courses for which you will apply.

Now it's time to move on to another very important step on the journey to your UK course, the PREPARATION of documents and information so that your application can be made in the best and most complete way and, thus, be able to proceed with peace of mind to the third part of the series (Apply). As the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes said, “to be prepared is half the victory“.

After knowing and selecting the courses for which you want to apply, it's time to organize your documents and prepare the letters required in the requirements (the Entry Requirements).

University admissions processes will take into account three main factors:

  • Language Proficiency

You will need to prove that you are able to communicate personally and academically. This proof can be done through official proficiency exams accepted by the university or by other available methods. This information is described on the courses page, stay tuned!

  • Academic achievement

This requirement will be proven through your school documentation, whether from Brazilian or foreign High School, your Graduation, Post-Graduation, etc. Each course requires a minimum grade for admission, so be aware of the requirements of your chosen university.

The main documents required to prove academic performance are the Academic Transcript and the official Diploma issued by your institution.

  • Professional Experience / Extracurricular Activities

Among the requirements, this is the one that encompasses most of the documents, as it is often a subjective criterion, that is, it gives you the chance to argue and claim your place at the university you want to study.

It is important to demonstrate to the university that you are a good candidate for the course and that you will be a great student, as well as exposing your career plans and how this program of study aligns with it.

The documents that are part of this requirement are: personal statement, reference letters, resume, portfolio, award certificates, research projects, etc. In addition, you will need to provide personal information and submit a copy of your passport, which must be valid and not expire in the months following your arrival in the UK.

#dicaloveUK loveUK specializes in the process of application to the UK, helping you maximize your chances of being accepted by preparing a application strong and customized according to the profile of each university.

Our main objective is to find the course that best suits your academic and professional ambitions. We have our own system for you to prepare in the best way and visualize the progress of your project through a checklist of documents, instructions and review of your personal statement (motivation/introduction letter), reference letters, in addition to having direct contact with the institutions, which makes it easier to check the status of your application and what to expect from this new experience.

And the best news of the day is: our service is totally free for applications in any of our partner universities. What are you waiting for? Contact us ASAP (as soon as possible) by email and we will help you.

Also as part of our newest series of questions, next Thursday (7th) we will be live on Facebook page as #PapoComloveUK, from 18h, giving valuable tips for those who want to study in the United Kingdom. Don't miss out!


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