UK Universities Fair: Recruiters give tips for getting into British universities

This Thursday and Saturday, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, respectively, the UK Universities 2016 fair takes place, an event promoted by the British Council that offers the opportunity for students to talk and ask questions in person with more than 20 representatives of educational institutions British superiors.

For the first time, loveUK will be participating in the fair, representing two renowned universities: University of Glasgow and Goldsmiths University of London.

The first, located in Scotland, is one of the oldest universities in the UK, with almost 600 years of history. The University of Glasgow brings together a large number of international students and scholarships and incentives for all areas of education, with a strong reputation in the fields of international business, science, engineering and social sciences.

Goldsmiths University of London has a specialized focus on the humanities, such as design, arts, communication, social sciences, creative sciences, visual cultures, music and entrepreneurship. The university has more than 20% of international students in its alumni, being ideal for those who want interdisciplinary, creative and professional courses.

Two university representatives will be available for the fair, namely Joey Kirk, International Recruitment Manager in the Americas at the University of Glasgow, and David Winstanley, Head of Recruitment and Admissions at Goldsmiths University of London.

“The fair represents a great opportunity to get to know the wide range of UK universities in a short time. It also gives you the chance to ask questions about any concerns you may have about studying in the UK. You'll meet representatives from British universities and may have the chance to chat with alumni to learn more about their experience as a student in the UK,” explains Joey.

Because they have extensive experience in recruiting international students, they both have valuable tips to give to those looking to study in the UK.

According to David, it's difficult to get to know a person just by looking at their application form, and that's why the interview is very important. He explains that “just be yourself”. “We want to know about you, why you chose a particular course, what really interests you, what you intend to do with your degree when you graduate. It is important to point out that it is a two-way street, as it is also your chance to learn more about us! So ask us questions, what is the structure of the course? What have alumni done with their careers? Those things… We'd be more than happy to respond,” he explains.

Joey says that the University of Glasgow seeks international candidates who are engaged and motivated to study their chosen subjects, demonstrating a good understanding of their field. “Glasgow is a research-focused university and many of our programs are delivered on the basis of the research we conduct. So it's good to look at our surveys to get an idea of the kind of focus you might find within the program. We also want students to benefit from their experiences as students and to be prepared to actively participate in lectures and seminars to form and promote an engaging learning environment”.

Glasgow's recruitment manager also explains that the university has academics who are experts in their fields, who promote the development of critical thinking, analytical and curiosity skills in their students. “The city of Glasgow is a great place to be a student as it is the largest city in Scotland and offers a huge range of entertainment and cultural activities, while the university offers a historic and beautiful environment.”

David points out that Goldsmiths has a large number of Brazilian students on its campus. “All of our degrees are relevant to the world we live in and exciting to study. Added to that, we are in London, one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities on Earth. Goldsmiths builds on the energy of the city, applying our world-leading research to real-life situations and exposing our students to one of the most exciting places to be a student.”

Goldsmiths University of London has a specialized focus on the humanities. Photo: Disclosure

UK Universities 2016 is still open and free of charge for both cities. This Thursday (27) the event will be held in Rio de Janeiro and on Saturday (29) it will be São Paulo's turn. loveUK will have two consultants available in both cities to talk to students, answer questions, explain the programs offered by the universities and much more. The fair offers the most varied options for undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, masters, doctorate and short courses, as well as lectures on practical information about life in the UK, visa, IELTS tips, scholarships and much more. “Brazil is a long way from London so it can be hard to get a real feel for Goldsmiths when maybe you haven't visited us yet. When you come to the fair, you can meet and talk to me! I'll tell you how the system works and give you tips on how to make your application stand out,” says David.

by Carla Trabazo


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