10 Things You Should Do When You're in the UK

The British school year is about to start, nature has decided to extend the summer period in the region and our students loveUK are about to embark towards the universities of the land of the queen.

Moving to a country with such a different culture is something that can cause apprehension for some and anxiety for others, so we've put together some activities and tips on what to do while you're there to make your experience living in the UK even better. more intense.

Write it down:

1. Participate in Fresher's Week

A week before the start of classes, the traditional Fresher's Week takes place, the best time to meet new people and live one of the most university experiences in the UK. In the mornings, you will be approached by all types of society that exist at your university – from those dedicated to politics, creative writing, religions, wine and sports knowledge to those dedicated to those who speak Portuguese or are interested in admiring the shape of clouds (yes, there is!) - providing an opportunity to try something new right from the start.

At dusk, it's time to celebrate. All the bars in the city will be full of university students, some even dressed in the most creative way possible or in the colors of the university itself. Get in the mood and start thinking about your own fantasy!

2. Try the traditional Sunday Roast

It is known that the most traditional dish in the United Kingdom is Fish and Chips, but only on Sundays reigns the Sunday Roast, a roast of meat accompanied by Yorkshire puddings (a kind of bread), baked potato, boiled vegetables and meat sauce. (the so-called gravy). In general, the delicacy is prepared by the British at home to gather family and friends, but pubs and restaurants also offer this option to those who have no culinary talent or to foreigners who do not know the recipe.

3. Go to Bonfire Night from the city

November 5 is the day that, in the distant year 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested for trying to blow up Parliament and kill King James I, a kind of reminder of the lack of tolerance for acts of treason – or perhaps a excuse to prepare a beautiful party with fireworks.

Every year, people from across the UK flock to campsites in the middle of cities to watch the free fireworks display while eating candy apples wrapped in comfortable blankets. Most cities have schedules that start a few days before the official date.

4. Watch a game of Rugby, Cricket or Football

Of the UEFA Champions League every football lover already knows, but what about a game of cricket or rugby? Do you even know the rules? These two sports are very popular among Brits and this is your chance to watch something very different.


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